Tree Care Can Be Expensive

Unplanned expenses are a nightmare for the unemployed, and home owners can wake up to costly repairs on any given day. Tree care is one of those things that can be particularly sporadic as even a mild thunderstorm can cause broken limbs and wide spread damage to a home.

Many people assume that their insurance will cover the cost of removing a fallen tree, but this is only true if the tree landed on the housing structure. So if your 50 foot oak tree falls in the middle of the yard (without brushing your home) then your insurance will not pay for the cost of removal. On those same lines, if the half the tree lands on your roof but the other half is in the lawn then most homeowner’s policies only pay for removal of limbs that touch the home. In this case you would be responsible for cleaning up the other half of the debris.

Tree removal from storm damage.

When it comes to hiring a tree service, you’ll find that prices vary wildly from one provider to the next. The largest companies charge the most and independent providers are much less expensive. The big question of course is which one is better? Ultimately, as long as the company has liability insurance and a good track record then you should feel confident they can get the job done. Your best bet is to compare quotes from several providers, ranging from the biggest names to smaller ones like the guys at Cincinnati tree removal.

Often times an independent tree service will require a couple days to complete the job. If you’re not in a big hurry then you can save 50% or more compared to the fleet services. When you sign up with a big company you have to cover their marketing and equipment expenses whereas the “little guy” usually has less overhead.

You always hear people talk about their favorite plumber or electrician but you rarely hear anyone mention their tree guy. However, developing a trusted relationship with a tree service is just as important because when you need them it is usually an important event. Keep their phone number handy or even bookmark sites like so that you aren’t left scurrying for phone numbers when a tree emergency arises.

Will Social Security Be Enough For Your Retirement?

One of the most concerning topics for middle-aged unemployed parents is the retirement. Most full time positions include some level of retirement benefits, from 401k plans to insurance policies. And even though employers are contributing less to these programs, they still offer a safety net until you can qualify for other income sources like Social Security.

Tips for claiming Social Security when retirement is near.

If you are facing unemployment in your fifties then you have likely considered Social Security as a future source of income. Workers who have at least 40 credits of employment history can choose to claim their retirement benefits as early as age 62, but is this the best option? You may have heard that claiming early retirement  will cost you around 25% of your benefit income each month. This is a hefty price to pay in the scope of long term planning.

The better solution is to take any job you can find. Yes, this even includes employment at retail stores and restaurants. While this may be a shock to the system of someone who has worked in corporate office their whole. Jim Blair of the Social Security Guide points out that the benefits from Social Security only covers around 25% of the average earnings for corporate workers. That means you have a better chance of earning more through a regular job and at the same time allowing your untapped benefits to grow.

It is a tough reality for those the corporate world has hung out to dry, but hopefully you earned enough in your best years to have built a nest egg. The thing is though, this nest egg must be protected until you absolutely need it. Otherwise you’ll find yourself broke before old age, which is precisely the time you need the most financial resources.



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