Remarkable design is available at Thomson Impressions

Looking for a residential or an investment opportunity in Singapore, look no further because Thomson impressions offers the best deals. Thomson impression is a new residential development units located in district 20 along Sin Ming Avenue. It comprises 280 units of 1 to 4 bedrooms apartments. Thomson impressions is sitting in area of 113,051 sq.ft. The units are spacious, well design with new state of art architect. As for interior, well they speak for themselves. Very elegant design for relaxation of mind after a long day of work, equipped with modern facilities and quality is our bet, for a comfortable living and a place your family will be proud to call home.From our thomson impressions review,it is well-known developer, Nanshan Group, develops the property. A developer driven by not only mission to provide quality and comfortable lifestyle in real estate but also at cheaper prices. 

Just to name but a few facilities that will keep you glued to your homestead we have, indoor gym fitted with new state of art facilities, pools and children playground that you and your family can use to get together and have fun in late evenings and weekends. Trust me there is nothing mind blowing and relive one off stress than having fun in the backyard with kids after a long day of work in the office. 

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