Benefits of Organic Clothing

Organic clothing is clothing that is made from materials is grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards. Organic clothing is composed of cotton, jute, silk, ramie, or wool. Usually retailers charge more for organic clothing as compared to that of other clothes. This is so because organic clothes are made up of fibre that is free from herbicides, pesticides, or genetically modified seeds. Textiles do not need to be 100% organic to use the organic label. You may head to, if you want to buy wholesale baby items.

There are several benefits of organic clothing. Some of those benefits are as follows:

1) They are Eco-Friendly in nature.

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The most obvious reason to buy an organic outfit for your child is that it expresses your concern for the environment.  People think that cotton is a natural fibre but still there are several negative factors that are associated with cotton. All such factors have negative effect on environment.

In fact, traditionally grown cotton is farmed with the help of a slew of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Statistics reveal that the ratio of farmland used to grow cotton and the amount of harmful chemicals put into the crops is of vastly out of proportion.

2) It is Healthier for You and Your Family

Our skin is not an opaque shield; it is porous and quite capable of absorbing substances it comes in contact with. Some medical researchers suggest that there may be a link to clothing treated with chemicals and the overwhelming number of humans suffering from cancer and other serious health conditions.

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