Fingerprint Safes – How Much More Secure Are Fingerprint Recognition Safes?

When it comes to choose security features on safes, there are a couple of common choices available. Some safes have locks to protect the contents of the safe with a three-digit combination. Another option is using a keypad which allows owners to put in a numbered code with more security. But even keypads can be susceptible to a clever crook. The problem with both of the methods above is that they rely on devices that store numbers, something which can be hacked or guessed by anyone.

Why fingerprint safes are said to be safer than regular safes?

For those who want more security, a fingerprint safe is the third option. These safes store an imprint of their owners fingerprint to open and lock the safe. That means that a crook looking to ransack your safe would somehow need to obtain a copy of your unique fingerprint. And while doing so is not impossible, it seems unlikely that any two-bit criminal would go to the lengths needed to get your fingerprint. You can get more details about fingerprints via

Most fingerprint safes are used for provided controlled access to weapons, ammunitions, jewelry and critical documents. All fingerprint safes typically have the following features:

  • Registration of the fingerprints that can access and deletion of the same. 
  • Emergency lock or door open function. 
  • Power alarms if the battery is going to run out. 
  • Allows storage of 8-100 and even more authorized fingerprints. 
  • Retention of authorized fingerprints during events like power failure or battery drain

Fingerprint safes eliminate hassles like writing down passwords in a piece of paper only to lose them or the paper falling in wrong hands. Where human memory fails, the touch of a finger never fails. Also, most fingerprint safes are user-friendly devices. And since fingerprints are unique to the individual, they are certainly difficult to replicate.

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