Does a Calorie Counter Really Help You Lose Weight?

First, determine what your end weight is going to be. Let's say you want to get down to about 140 pounds. So that's your target weight. Your daily caloric goal would then be about 1400 calories. You take your target or goal weight and then multiply it by ten in order to get the highest calorie limit.

Now, if you currently weigh more than 50 pounds over your target weight you don't need to cut down your calories quite that quickly. Set weekly weight goals and lessen your calories over a period of time.To get more info on weight loss apps and calorie counters you can visit

When you're doing your meal planning you can simply use a calorie counter to calculate if the meals you have prepared will push you over your limit for the day. Don't forget to count the calories in any drinks you might have on a daily basis. Some drinks contain a lot of calories, particular things like fruit smoothies and frozen coffee drinks. It's great to know the calories and fat content of anything that you drink. Water doesn't have any calories.

Using a calorie counter can be handy when you are moving and eating. While successful dieting surely requires some preplanning, there are those times when things pop up and you have to take a bite on the run. Being able to quickly view the calories in any given food is quite helpful when it comes to making good decisions on the run. It's a good thought to check out some of your favorites in advance so that if you end up in a hurry you now have a good idea about what you can eat and what you should avoid.

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