The Most Popular Rose Varieties

The rose, being the most popular garden and cut plant, has over 20,000 cultivars in the Northern Hemisphere alone. This number originates from a conservative figure of only 150-200 species of wild roses.

Fossil specimens found in both Colorado and Oregon show that roses have been growing for more than 30 million years to date. To gather more data related to cheap roses delivery you can visit at



Even more fossil specimens were present in North Africa and are said to be at least 4, 000 years old. Variant wise, only five of the massive figures above cut as the utmost popular: the Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Grandiflora, Climber, and Smaller roses.

Hybrid Tea flowers were first cultivated in 1867 by a France nurseryman named Jean-Baptiste Guillot. He achieved the first Hybrid Tea by budding a vintage Chinese garden green tea rose and a Western rose.

Whilst it is not as fragrant as the other variants, it is safe to say that this increased is the most popular of all because of its wide selection of colors and its long stem that makes it ideal as a cut blossom.

The Floribundas can simply be distinguished from Cross Teas because of their dense clusters and big, simultaneous blossoms sitting on its truss.

It was first cultivated in 1909, crossing a Polyantha and a Hybrid Tea. This variant is generally simpler to maintain than its parents, so that it is suitable for parks and similar spaces.

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