Perfect Spots To Install Hidden Home Security Cameras

Deciding on outdoor home security cams can be a difficult process. Many factors need to be considered when trying to find the right system such as weather conditions, period of tracking, and internet viewing.

Weather condition is the first main factor that needs to be considered and it is highly recommended that anyone purchase a waterproof camera. Vandal proof curve cameras are ideal outdoor video cameras.

Many security specialists would recommend full 1080P AHD dome video cameras that provide crystal clear resolution. These cameras are built to face up to rain and snow. If you are interested in buying DVR then you can have a look at

Other camera options include outdoor bullet cameras. These kinds of cameras have a protecting in the camera, so that they can be put outside and protected from the elements. If the camera will be in a patio area where it is protected from weather anyway then this waterproof option is unnecessary.

The second factor that needs to be considered when finding the right outdoor camera system is the length of recording time. Battery life can play an issue, so you may want to go with a camera that remains constantly plugged in.

Video cameras also support motion turned on recording and voice triggered recording which can lead to longer recording time. Small lightweight cameras use micro SD cards with a cameras support up to 64 GB of storage.

This is enough storage for a couple days and nights worth of video tracking. However, if you require something much longer, we would recommend DVR systems along with cabled cameras that support up to a 2 TB hard drive. If you are looking for Dome camera then you can check here at the post.

These DVR's have the ability to support up to 3 months of documenting footage and definitely will re-write over itself when the storage is full.

Another factor to consider is that you need something that could be viewed live on your phone or played again later. The outdoor camera system and DVR can be configured for cordless viewing.

This requires a network installer. The end user would then download an iphone app onto their smart phone in order to view the cameras live. 

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