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Yes, it is true we women wish to accentuate our beauty and stand out in the crowd by using makeup. There is definitely no crime in wanting this; however it is definitely a crime against your skin in the long run!

Not using correct products and investing in cheap makeup online may cause skin irritation, rashes and will result premature skin ageing eventually. Hence why not use mineral makeup!

Revolutionising makeup for anyone and everyone

Around 1970 is when the concept of mineral makeup had its rebirth. In ancient times women relied on naturally occurring minerals to apply on themselves for coverage, decoration and beauty. These minerals had many benefits and are packed with goodness for the skin.

Many cosmetic brands are known for their fragrance and long lasting wear however that is because of the wax, artificial fragrances and added fillers which in the long run clog pores, cause breakouts resulting in the dullness of skin. They also have limited shelf life due to the added ingredients which may cause an early expiry such as change in colour, consistency and smell.

Invest on products which has a good make

The growing awareness and consciousness amongst people to what they are applying on their faces has result in the further popularity of mineral makeup. Minerals that are commonly found in mineral makeup include zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, mica, iron oxide and so on.

Not only are they known for great coverage and wear but also are feel light and breathable on the skin and have no side effects thus wearable for all!

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