Where To Find MREs For Sale?

Have you seen one of those shows featuring regular folks preparing for natural disasters, alien invasions, and the zombie apocalypse? It's either you're with them or you think they're taking things too far. But it's hard to deny the fact that they're doing something right. Even though some take it to the extreme, getting ready for when something catastrophic happens can spell the difference between life and death. And when it comes to survival, making sure you have adequate food supply proves essential.

We have witnessed several natural disasters wreak havoc in different countries. Some of these calamities force people out of their homes, with no shelter to keep them warm and food to satisfy their hunger. Relief aids often come in the form of canned goods, which prove useful. But over the years, an increasing number of people stock up on meals ready to eat or MREs.

mre meals

The term might ring a bell, especially if you're familiar with the military using this product when they get deployed in the battlefield. As the name suggests, it's a meal designed to be ready for consumption and have a long shelf life. Note that the definition makes it seem as if canned goods can be considered MREs, but they fall in a different category.

It's interesting to learn that MREs are no longer used in the military. With preppers finding ways to increase their chances of survival, they have realized the many benefits of using MREs as their primary food source. Unlike canned goods, minimal preparation is required. This is a huge difference maker, as access to everyday kitchen appliances and utensils is as good as zero when disaster strikes.

But how can you get your hands on MREs if they are only designed for the military? What you should understand is that there are now civilian MREs on the market. They're pretty much similar to military MREs, but they offer the advantage of being more accessible. Those designed for the military cannot be sold to the public, although you can find online marketplaces where you can buy them.

This is one of the biggest reasons why the public should avoid using military MREs. Not that they are of inferior quality, but there's just no way to assess their quality. For instance, you can find plenty of MREs for sale on eBay. They also come with affordable prices. You might feel tempted to purchase, but you won't be sure whether you'll get your money's worth. It's impossible to know how the products were stored. The wrong location and temperature can degrade the quality of MREs.

Thankfully, more manufacturers have entered the industry, giving the public more choices when it comes to civilian MREs. What's even better is that they offer a huge variety of meals. You won't find the meals cumbersome to eat, as your taste buds will enjoy different flavors.

When it comes to nutritional value, military and civilian MREs are virtually identical. If you take the time to look at MREs for sale, you will find that the amount of calories in both options is almost the same, typically hovering around 1,200 calories. Military MREs, however, need to go through stricter requirements. For instance, they must be able to withstand big impacts. Manufacturers of MREs designed for the general public do not go through all this simply because it's unnecessary.

If you're keen on trying MREs, then it's recommended to avoid those designed for military purposes. As noted, there may be quality issues. On the other hand, civilian MREs are safer for consumption. This is because you can get them from legitimate sellers. You can figure out exactly where they came from, unlike military MREs sold in online marketplaces where you don't have a clue which part of the world they were once in.

There's also no need to worry about getting sick from eating MREs. The manufacturers will be held responsible, so you'll receive appropriate compensation. If you consume military MREs you found online and got sick, there will be no one to blame. You will end up shouldering all expenses. So if you're on the hunt for MREs for sale, be sure to limit your list to legitimate manufacturers and vendors of civilian MREs.

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