What goes behind quality Indian paintings?

Is there a certain formula when it comes to paintings? Well, like the artistic tastes of people, there are no certain sets of formula when it comes to paintings. You either like a painting, or you don’t. In most cases, they would be globally renowned paintings that will be well-received by everybody that has a certain taste for art. For others, it would be extremely subjective, and this is the reason why there has been a huge division between the people liking artistic paintings and those simply looking at contemporary paintings. People like Amit Ambalal have been able to display an innate understanding of the artistic sense pertaining to Indian paintings for quite a while.

However, one has also got to remember that paintings done by Amit Ambalal are readily available over the Internet, which was not the case at least a few years ago. With the Internet producing a level playing field, more and more Indian painters have been able to portray their work online. These artists have been able to strive for a long time, ensuring that they would be able to bring out their best work to the general public without any kind of misgivings or any kind of problems in their artistic capabilities.

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