Specialty Business Cards – 5 Awesome Ideas

You know you need specialty business cards. Given the enormous creativity that's possible with specialty business cards, it can be very difficult to decide which route to take. The black metal cards remains one of the ultimate marks of exclusivity and prestige.

Specialty Business Cards - 5 Awesome Ideas

Here are 5 specialty business card ideas which may shed a little light to help.

1. Die Cut cards stick out: The card itself can either be made to an attention-grabbing shape (say, a light bulb), or you could have a normal rectangular shaped card, using a shape, text, or design cut out someplace inside it.

2. Emboss: Just as it is possible to cut a shape out of a rectangular card you can also emboss that form (or text, or picture) to the card.

3. Foil Stamped: Yet another impact to die embossing and cutting is foil. Part of text or the plan will be stamped for a fantastic effect that stands out with foil, silver, or gold.

4. Position UV or Position Gloss individuals know about business cards where the card's face is covered in a coating. What is that you could apply this coating to parts of a card - like text or images or apart -- to make an elegant and unique effect.

5. Edible: Would you think that there are numerous sorts of business cards? You can upload a picture and have it reproduced on a cookie! They are generally expensive, but for high-end companies or companies with a high trade value (like real estate brokers by way of the instance), they can definitely make a lasting impression.

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