Four Signs It’s Time to Call an Exterminator

Most homeowners have coped with minor pest problems before. The stray spider, the trapped fly, even the errant bark are comparatively easy to outwit. However, when these unwanted guests join others of their ilk, they could prove a formidable foe. Look at this website to find more about exterminator long island.

Four Signs It's Time to Call an Exterminator

1. Daytime Visits

Since most pests are nocturnal, they seldom venture out during the daytime. Should you spot a mouse, cockroach, or termite once the sun is up, there is a good chance that your residence is infested. This goes double when the trespasser is an insect, like an ant or cockroach, because rogue insects tend to be scouts trying to find food; and in which there are scouts, there is often a colony nearby.

2. Scratching Noises

Even if you don't believe in ghosts, scratching sounds at night can give anybody a fright. More often than not, however, mice and other rodents are to blame for night noises in your ceilings and walls. As we said, these pests are nocturnal, so they hunt for food at night.

3. Excrement

It should come as no surprise that pests have poor toilet habits. They leave they are falling wherever they please, hoping you won't find them. When it comes to insects, you may want to pull out your magnifying glass to place them on your carpet or flooring.

4. Strange Smells

If your house suddenly stinks, there is a great chance a rodent has expired in some inaccessible area such as the walls or heating ducts. The foul odor won't go off until the dead critter is eliminated by an exterminator. 

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