How A Foot Massage Is Different From Reflexology

Reflexology is an alternative medicine technique that is quite similar to having a foot massage. The two are similar because, like foot massages, reflexology also involves pressure being applied to the feet with hands. The purpose of reflexology however is quite different from that of foot massage. 
The point of having a foot massage is to loosen and relax stiff and sore muscles on your feet. Sometimes people get them to help relieve stress as well. Massages have a long, documented history of being useful in regards to reducing stress. 
Reflexology has a different purpose entirely. The purpose of reflexology is to relieve the feet of any energy blockages that are occurring on the reflex points of your feet. Reflexologists believe there are specific points on your feet that correspond with each and every organ and part of your body. These specific areas of your feet are called reflexes, or reflex points. If you are having trouble with a certain part of your body, reflexologists believe they can address this problem by applying pressure to the reflex points of your feet that are associated with that body part. By applying this pressure, any energy blockages that are present should be removed, and balance to your body should be restored. 
So, in summary, muscular system issues are addressed with massages, whereas reflexology deals with restoring balance to your entire body. Massage and reflexology both have useful purposes, and if your reflexologist is also a massage therapist, it may be possible to have both methods applied during your session. The website will tell you more about reflexology.

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