The Economical Advantage of the Architect

The very first question is to inquire where the two (architect vs. company consultant or management adviser) compete? Their areas look so different. 

However, a closer look reveals that this isn't completely true. Both work with associations, contracted by a supervisor who's the guarantor of the responsibility. The builder has an advisory role during the first phase of the job where he has to information regarding the solution. Typically the solution is to construct a new house or building. 

The competitive advantage of the architect exists in these points:

  1. His profession: Architects are professionals who have researched, obtained a qualification and are closed in their career exactly the identical way as attorneys are. There are lots of examples where buildings aren't well-designed, but that's common and not restricted to the architectural profession or business.

  2. Construction and building: Buildings and structures are creative. When contracting an architect a company guarantor already understands the needs of a new project or construction. A new construction can service innovation simpler than a restructuring can.

  3. The architect can be found in the speech. The architect is not like someone to talk to in a language that everybody in the business knows. It's a language of the perspective layout.

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In both terms (architect vs. adviser) it is all about building; constructing a hospital, staff building, building associations, etc.

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