Hot Air Ballooning In Cairns


One of the most romantic activities available is a private hot air balloon ride over the beautiful Atherton Tablelands. A romantic early morning breakfast on the hot air balloon with crisp champagne are included.

Tour of Atherton Tablelands - The Atherton Tablelands is a fertile plateau located in Queensland. The beautiful landscape is dotted with a wide variety of fauna and flora. You will see a large number of local birdlife and wildlife many of which are rare and endemic.

Breakfast and champagne - You can either choose to enjoy a premade breakfast and champagne during your hot air balloon ride or a hot breakfast with chilled champagne on the ground in a world class restaurant.

Rainforest Tour - For couples who wish to explore the Wet Tropics after a Hot Air Balloon Rides, many touring and tourist agency offer packages which includes both. You get to experience the dense forest, tall waterfalls and cool fountains of the Wet Tropics surroundings.

Reef Tour – It is possible to enjoy Hot Air Balloon ride along with a snorkeling and SCUBA experience in the Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy witnessing the amazing pristine corals and rare and endemic marine life including sea turtles, whale sharks, dolphins and clown fish.

Misty Mountains Rainforest Retreat one of the most romantic getaways in QLD is located near Cairns. Cairns is a prime spot for hot air ballooning given its close location to the Atherton Tablelands making it a must visit for any romantic couples on their honeymoon.

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