Festivals And Popular Shopping Stores In Madrid

Festivals in Madrid's center occur several times per year. The biggest event held on the streets of downtown Madrid is the city's Gay Pride Parade. Millions of travelers and locals flock to the city's streets to enjoy the festivities.

It is held in the final week of June and the first week of July. Another popular festival would have to function as a sheep driving parade through the streets, called La Transhumancia. Come and see livestock walk the center of Madrid. Don't worry, no cars are on the street during this function.

Yes, we've got to it. .shopping! Shopaholics will be delighted with the collection of shopping districts just within the central region of Madrid. The Sol-Salamanca districts are extremely popular for high-end stores and designer labels.  If you are looking for luxury shopping Madrid then you can simply visit https://www.elcorteingles.com/luxe/stores/castellana/.

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Additionally, the El Cortes Ingles is the most popular department store in town. It has several chains in the heart of Spain's capital. Dining may not seem like an interesting activity for some. However, there are so many fascinating dishes to attempt when holidaying in the center of Madrid.

 A number of those must-haves include Sopa de Ajo (a type of garlic soup), Gallinejas (lamb stew) and Callos a la Madrilena (beef tripe). If heading out to lunch or dinner, remember that sailors in Madrid normally eat much later than other parts of the world. Lunch is generally at 14:00 or 15:00 and dinner have been consumed at approximately 21:00.

While in Madrid, it is madness to not learn a little the language or a portion of the cooking. There are various culinary schools and courses found throughout town, especially in some of the restaurants of central Madrid. Faculties and language colleges boast excellent Spanish courses for foreigners.

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