Benefits Of Using Tape

Packaging tape or adhesive tape is mostly used for packaging purposes. Therefore it was popularly called the Cellophane tape. The product with a tacky surface was created as a type of masking that could be used with various kinds of industrial products.

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 It was in 1930 that the first commercially developed cellophane tape was sent to a client. In the same year, another similar product was developed by the 3M Company. The name of the item was that the Scotch tape.

Coming to the present, the packaging tape is commonly utilized in just about all forms of packaging in addition to other uses too. It's offered in a wide selection of sizes.

The sizes vary from half an inch to 2 inches. Usually, packages that are intended for transport are packaged with tapes measuring half and one inch to 2 inches. Today different kinds of materials are utilized to generate the adhesive tape. Thus you get tapes made from rubber, foil, paper, fiberglass, silicone, cellophane and acrylic.

The choice of material depends upon the necessary strength for bonding. Today apart from packaging functions this tape can be used for ductwork, electrical wiring, to strap containers and to maintain carpets on the ground. To suit unique requirements in addition, there are tapes having the sticky substance on each side. Some are reinforced (sealing functions ) and many others have Velcro and foam (insulation functions ).

Additionally, there are tapes intended for special purposes such as the double-sided black foam tape, the vinyl acrylic tape, the polyimide tape and so forth. Moreover there are different styles too that includes dispensers. The adhesive tape not only makes things convenient for us but is also a necessity.

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