Tips to Keep your Valuable Items Safe in Hostels


Hostels are a great place to stay safe, work and make new friends. It is also a great budget-friendly option, especially when you’re traveling different countries. Since, many travelers prefer to stay in dorms consisting of sharing room with other travelers, one needs to be at high alert at all times especially when it comes to our personal items. These are a few tips to keep your items safe.

  • Use Padlocks – A small yet a very handy item you must carry along with you at all times. It doesn’t matter whether the hostel you stay at offers private lockers or not. You need to bring a padlock to keep your valuable items in a safer manner. You can use it to lock your main luggage or use on your travel bag when you’re going out for sight-seeing.
  • Us the Lockers – Many hostels do provide lockers to all travelers. Lockers are great to keep valuable items such as a laptop, wallets etc. in the safest possible manner. However, bring your own padlocks for additional safety. If you forgot to carry your own, then ask the receptionist to lend you one on rental basis.
  • Read Reviews – Many hostels offer great content on their website in a way to attract many travelers. However, you need to do a little bit of homework and look for reviews from travelers who have actually stayed there. Also, a single 5-star rating isn’t enough to get you an idea about the hostel. Look for the quantity and quality of reviews.
  • Avoid Showing-Off – There are times when locals have an eye on travelers with the most valuable items. To be on the safer side, use duct tapes on your laptop, camera and important items to make sure it doesn’t fall off from your travel bag. Females make sure you don’t flaunt your expensive jewelry items while sight-seeing.

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