Know More About Stone And Topsoil

If you are removing a paved area, lift the stones or slabs as close to your desired shape as possible, so that you have the outline of your new bed in place.

You may need to do some work to smarten up the edge of the paved area again, perhaps by concreting or putting sets around the edge of the new bed. You can easily get information about royal landscapes via top landscaping company in South Jersey. It depends on the type of paving, and the quality of the previous job.

Preparing the ground

What happens next depends on what you find when you lift the paving slabs or turf. With turf, you will probably find compacted soil. With paving slabs, you may find concrete, or rubble, or sand. Either way, you'll have to remove it, which may be easiest with a mini-digger and skip.

Adding topsoil

The chances are that the soil that's left behind once you've dug out any rubble or lifted the turf isn't very good quality, and you may also have had to go down quite a long way. So you'll probably need to add some new topsoil.

You can buy topsoil in bulk, and most topsoil suppliers will usually deliver it within a couple of days. There are various sorts of topsoil available, including multi-purpose, vegetable topsoil and deluxe topsoil, which are all slightly different. Consider what you're going to plant, and buy topsoil to suit.

Once your topsoil has been delivered, you'll need to transfer the soil from the bag to the new bed. Bring the soil level up to that of the surrounding area, and then about two inches higher, to allow for settle down.

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