How Long Is The Typical Recovery From Dental Implant Surgery?

The road to recovery after dental implants can be referred to as a multi-stage process. The early days of recovery after a dental implant procedure are very short because you can return to work in just a few days after feeling much better.

However, in the second stage of recovery, you will find a fused implant with your jaw bone that can be consumed several months, even though the recovery and healing phase of this patient will give you a very small impact on your usual lifestyle.

Now, let's examine how long the typical recovery from dental implant surgery in the following paragraphs:

What to Expect Immediately After Dental Implant Surgery

After a dental surgeon places a dental implant using either IV sedation or local anesthesia, both can provide various types of recovery for patients who have dental implants.

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Patients who receive local anesthesia may get their mouth feeling number for several hours after surgery, but the patient's mental state will look unaffected.

IV sedation only makes you relaxed and sleepy, where you will not find pain. If you only choose this option, you will feel sleepy for several hours after you get the implant installation procedure.

Will Dental Implant Recovery Make Me Miss Working?

The chances of you returning to your normal life are high after undergoing a dental implant procedure. There are many patients who return to work the next day with a one day break after dental implant surgery, while others can feel that they need another day or two to rest and get healing.

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