Web Designing

The look and performance of a web page go a long way to determining whether the website will bring in the required traffic. Therefore, important to make sure that the content is attractive and easy to access for visitors to the webpage.

Web designers continue to think of new strategies aimed at keeping customers and acquiring new ones. There are a few web designing trends for 2013 that all internet users should look forward to. Some of the most exciting comprise:

Responsive web design

Although responsive web design or RWD has been around for quite a while now, it's been mainly limited to handheld devices (smartphones to be exact). When the resolution has been determined, several fluid grids and elastic images get resized appropriately in order to fit on the display of the device.

Irrespective of the gadget being used, users will have the ability to read content and navigate easily on the sites with hardly any of scrolling, panning and resizing.You can also check out https://www.chachinggroup.com/website-design-thailand/ for more information about web design Thailand.

Scrolling Everywhere(both horizontal and vertical)

The consequence of this the user will still have the ability to see features like menu headers, shopping carts, and social buttons as they scroll down a webpage.

Designed typography

Creative custom fonts will take the place of classic fonts like Verdana, Ariel and Times New Roman.Many designers will turn to the use of an assortment of fonts to improve the look of their websites instead of relying entirely on pictures.

While a range of designers can use new technologies to make illustrative letterforms, others might opt to stick with classic faces and just modify them somewhat and integrate them into their websites.