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Courtesy:Performance Driving Australia

Many of us may own a four-wheel vehicle for travelling in the snowy, rocky, sandy or muddy terrain. Although it is a fun and adventurous ride, it is important that all the safety standards are met for both the safety of both the driver and the passengers. Below are a few safety tips that four-wheel vehicle drivers must follow.

1. The right hand placement

Most of us who are used to driving on a flat road surface have the habit of holding the steering with their whole hand. However, when one is driving off the road, on a rocky path, the hand placement must change. If you continue to hold the steering very tightly with your fingers inside it, you might run the risk of breaking them when the wheels go over a rock. The best way is to hold it loosely with your fingers outside the wheel in order to allow you vehicle to easily go over the gaps and rocks in the way.

2. Pay attention to the tire pressure

It is always a good idea to always have an air compressor and tire gauge in the car. The tire pressure must match the kind of terrain you are going on; it is better to lower the pressure on a rocky or sandy path.

3. Do not over speed

Over speeding is not good on any road and in any vehicle. Make sure that you are taking the turns slowly and using the brake correctly.

So before taking 4wd tours in Australia, read and revise these important safety tips mentioned above.