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Anti-fatigue mats are not essential in every business, so there is no need to invest unnecessarily, but be mindful of your staff that stands on hard flooring for a living, as this staff needs extra care and attention. If anti-fatigue mats are not suitable for your business for one reason or another i.e. you have no space for mats, but you are concerned about the health concerns associated with standing for excessive periods, then you could start researching shoes designed to achieve similar results as anti-fatigue mats, as these are also a cost effective solution.

These mats are not a fad; however, they are surprisingly unknown in view of their importance and role in the workplace. Without the use of these mats, you are risking potential serious health concerns to yourself or your workforce. For more information about the   anti-fatigue mat, you can also look imovr online.

The short-term impact of not using these mats is that when people stand for longer than 40 minutes, their body becomes fatigued. Fatigue then leads to a lack of focus, and that is the last thing you want for your workforce because It will slow down productivity, and they could be operating heavy machinery, and a lapse in concentration could lead to disastrous effects. Short-term concerns are also swelling of joints, back pain, and bad posture.

There is a large range of ergonomic mats and each serves a different application. Mats for use in the home are often made of gel or memory foam and are accessible on the high street. People tend to use these in the kitchen when standing for a long time cooking or preparing food.