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Interactive multimedia which is often used for fun and entrainment is known as console game. There are manipulable images and sometimes sounds effects which are produced by video sport console. You can use your television sets or any video systems for connecting any console game.

There are few suggestions which should be kept in mind before making a purchase of best game console . You need to decide the console type for better gaming experiences. Xbox one which works on control based system is better option in present time. It allows the player to react quickly to the displayed image on screens. Another vital factor that should be considered before buying a console is set of exclusive games. Halo series that has become quite popular is featured in Xbox one thus it becomes worth by purchasing your desired game franchise. Last element to be considered in best game console is pricing factor. Playstation four & Xbox one is less expensive than other available audio-video games. You can use your television sets to connect and play such games. It allows you to create group through Skype and search suitable match of friends or family members who suits your style. You can chat to other player while playing game o watching movie.