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Skin protection has always been a major concern for humans. As the reflection of our being, the skin is the visible symbol of the body and its state of health. A regulatory and protective organ, it constitutes an essential interface in our relations with others. In direct contact with the environment, it is a privileged site of exchange between the inner and outer worlds. "Omnipotent," it is our leading rampart in the fight against external aggression.

However, this is not a reason to neglect it and leave it alone to face the challenges of modern life. Resistance has its limits which must not be exceeded!

By living in an excessively urban environment with a continuous mixture of atmospheric pollution, tobacco fumes, climatic instability, ultraviolet radiations with devastating effects and repeated exposure to delipidating surfactants, the skin gradually loses its defensive properties and can no longer provide an effective barrier. Even worse, it is then a source of irritations and discomfort which turn it into a confining shell rather than an envelope providing real protection.


  • Alteration of skin barrier leads to 
  • Dehydration
  • Irritation
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dull complexion
  • Acne
  • Premature ageing

A daily or repeated aggression from passive or active pollution on our skin has to be taken in hand by implementing 3 public important  measures:


Cleansing should be carried out every day to rid the skin of its accumulated impurities. A gentle anti-pollution foaming face wash a must, however, be used to avoid altering the skin integrity. 


Preventive and/or protective action nevertheless remains a priority because, in many cases, it can minimise the consequences of external aggressions on the skin and reduce the involvement of the skin’s defence mechanisms, which, if repeatedly made use, may weaken over time.

The skin protection against external aggressions must involve protection with sunscreen gel with anti-pollution protection &  strengthening of its barrier function or, in other words, of its cutaneous integrity.


A daily night serum like Vitamin C Serum or night cream/ gel which detoxify the harmful effects of pollution. Vitamin C serum acts as sun protectant, anti-photoaging, reversing auto-oxidation, Free radical scavenging & protects DNA too.

Stay Beautiful!