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If you've never hired a professional carpet cleaning firm, it's likely that you have a lot of questions. There are various types of cleaning methods that companies can use. The prices may vary from company to company. To help put your mind to rest when it comes to contacting a good carpet cleaning firm, here are some of the most popular FAQs answered. 

How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take?

This will highly depend on the skill level of the company that you hire and the carpet cleaning method that they use. On average, most contractors can do a 300 to 400 square foot room in about 30 minutes. Realize that larger rooms are going to take more time as well as trickier surfaces such as stairwells. 

Can A Professional Remove All Carpet Stains?

Simply the answer is yes. Most carpet cleaners can remove all different types of stains that appear on the carpets. In the event that a carpet cleaner is unable to remove a stain without changing the hue of the carpet, they will likely redie the carpet to match the remaining carpet color. This is great news for those who have used over the counter spot removers  and have tainted the color of their carpet.

What Makes Professional Cleaning Different Than Vacuuming?

Traditional vacuuming of your carpets is intended to lift the dust off of the surface of the carpet. Unfortunately, traditional sweepers won't lift up the built-up soils in the deeper fibers of your carpets. Professional carpet cleaning is intended to lift up those built-up soils on your carpet so that you can have a fresher looking carpet that is more comfortable to walk on.