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You may be surprised to know that artificial Christmas trees have a dual impact on the environment. On one hand it reduces some environmental problems while on the other hand it increases some other environmental issues. You might be getting curious to know how it affects the environment in two different ways.

Did we ever try to find out what was the reason behind the creation of artificial Christmas trees and artificial Christmas tree ornaments? No. Then let me tell you the reason. At first it was made to reduce deforestation. Yes the problem of deforestation also existed in those times. Knowing this you might be thinking that it was a wise decision to opt for an artificial Christmas tree. If it is so, then you are wrong, because when it was first made, it was made up of goose feathers by Germans. But in today’s world, most of the artificial Christmas trees are made up of plastic or aluminium.

Plastic and aluminium remain on earth as landfills for centuries, and thus create problems for the environment. In this way by reducing the number of tree cuts every year for Christmas decoration purpose, artificial trees also cause pollution making living on earth difficult. The fact that they are non-biodegradable is a big disadvantage.