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Starting as an event coordinator? Confused about what to do in the first event you have trusted to plan or you are just nervous about the big event that is coming. Here are some simple tips that will help you make your event a success:

1. First, make sure you make a list of things that need to be done. For example, if you are planning a birthday party, make sure you make a list of the accessories needed to do the party in the best way possible.

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2. After you have made a random list of the necessary accessories, enter the sequential order. This will help you when shopping and managing items.

3. Then start your shopping by making a budget, if you make a budget that will help you to share how much you can spend on each item on the list and if something exceeds your finances, you might want to replace it with a cheaper item.

4. Then travel to the garage or spare storeroom to find out if there is something that can be recycled. Luckily if you find something to use, cut your list so that you accidentally continue and buy it too.

5. Time is very important. Plan ahead and make sure you are fully prepared for the event at least two days before the start. This way you will be ready to face an unexpected emergency.

6. Plan to meet the host of the event several times before and during the preparation of the event so that you ensure the actual event is carried out in accordance with the wishes of the host. Communicating in any form regarding the event plan can prove a function error.

7. Place again; it needs to be chosen before all decorations, seating arrangements, and entertainment because most of the preparation must be done accordingly. Remember, it's important to choose a place to remember the event.

8. Plan ahead and some far ahead thoughts are also needed, for example in the rainy season it is always better to avoid functions outside the door. No wetlands that entertain any guests are also unpleasant.