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Dance is a wonderful form of exercise, especially for toddlers. They would stay fit and active, and the best part is that they would have fun as well. Just as exercise is important to your health, so is eating the right foods. So, what dancers eat before their dance lessons can have a major effect on their performance. Foods that contain plenty of carbohydrates and a reasonable amount of protein are best, let’s take, for example, whole-wheat toast, whole-grain cereal, crackers, yogurt, vegetables, and fruit.

Some protein and fat are just about okay, but if consumed a lot can cause a stomachache as they take longer to digest. Dancing on a full stomach can be uncomfortable and also contribute to a drop in energy-levels, another key to drinking a tall glass of water half an hour before class that would produce the most benefits.

Depending on the intensity of the dance lesson, drinking water may be necessary, however, remember that it is important to not chug down water in the middle of class. Too much consumption of water may cause cramps and discomfort during physical activity. What dancers eat after class is also ideally important to maintain a healthy body. Food that consists of complex carbohydrates, protein and fat help repair muscles and replenishes energy. Some of these foods are such as chicken, a baked potato, peanut butter, brown rice, and vegetables.

Eating is best done 20-60 minutes after class allows our body to store food as fuel to recover.