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For those of you do not know, this is electronic discovery. It is the process of processing and collecting some electronic material so it can be used for litigation. When we talk about collecting, it could something as simple as finding a USB that may have contained some important data for you to use. Or maybe it could be something even more complex than that. Maybe something that could acquire data from the entire network of a company. That is ediscovery services in NYC.

Whatever it is that you might have trouble locating and collecting, these people from this service are the ones that you could rely on. And is it not a bi jarring that all our important information could now be stored in little items that may seem a little unintimidating at first look? Back then, our files were in big cabinets and we had trouble trying to look for stuff that we might need.

It is why they had to do some very time consuming filling in order to locate something, now we can just look something up on a device and they would show up right away without even a minute later. That is how our world has evolved. And now we have services and companies whose jobs are to find these electronic files that are very important.

They can locate them even if it seems impossible to do. That is their job. Have you ever hear of something like this in the past? A job like this?

Because back then, it seems entirely impossible. It more sounds like the jobs back then were only for muscles and other kinds of stuff that needs some physical substance. Everything is now digital and electronic.

Are we to assume that in a hundred years, we are just going to start downloading our food instead of preparing it and cooking it? Is that going to be our future? Not that we mind but what about the future cooks of the future? Are they still going to have jobs left after this?

Okay. Maybe this is getting a little too far but you get the point. These important files and documents that we all own are mostly in computers or phones or other devices. How are we for certain that relying on them like will not be the cause for our destruction?

That may be an exaggeration but what is to happen if you put all your important files in one single USB and made no copies? And then find out that that same USB went missing? You now see our point? But apparently, even that can be solved now with this service. It seems they can locate anything in the world if it is an electronic substance.

If we have already progressed quite this far in the early 2000s, what is to say that we will just continue growing more and more a few years from now? Progress and innovation. That is our future. We are not really all that excited about it because it is so tiring to learn new things. And change is not really our forte, as sad as that is. But it is something.