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For many, this turns into a daily activity. These apps enables us to creep on our pals, acquaintances, frenemies, and even finished strangers whereas we eagerly, or apathetically, “like” their photos and video clips.

Whereas it’s conveniently adequate to catch a screenshot or save a single photo from Instagram, saving videos from the platform is a bit intricate — however no longer impossible. We’ve rounded up these ways to download and prepare your entire favourite videos and shared a way to save videos for re-sharing or archiving content. In case you’re attempting to find more tips and hints, take a look at our more complete roundup.


This is pleasing in the fact that it’s not restrained to downloading only one item from only one video platform. Here's extraordinarily useful if you intend to down load distinctive pictures or video clips from Instagram, Facebook or YouTube - whatever that’s now possible because of a simple feature. When it comes to how it works, no longer much is different. Simply pasting the link of the general public video into the search field of Video-Converter-MP4.com , click the “Convert Video” button, and the media will open downloading pop up which you can choose the format to save.


Within the adventure Video-Converter-MP4.com goes down or you comfortably don’t just like the carrier, don’t be troubled. SaveVideoClip.com is another choice for downloading media within the browser. As you’ve probably come to predict, the process is relatively easy. Pasting the hyperlink of the various videos clips to the search field, and clicking on the “download,” button immediately grabs the requested video or picture if the link is Instagram link. You will be presented with a button again for downloading an MP4 file from the various online websites either Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or twitter. As with the different capabilities mentioned, that you couldn’t down load media from deepest links such as private videos.


Unlike the above mentioned, fbdownloaderplus.com comes in many different languages such us English, French, Spanish and German. This enables non-English speakers get around the site. The search field is presented in the front page. The disadvantage of this site is that it is only available for Facebook Video clips to be downloaded. All you need to do is to copy the video from Facebook and paste it in the search field. Clicking on “Download Video” will bring up a pop up which the user will be able to select which video format they want to grab.

We will share more intriguing way to grab online videos in future post. Please leave comments if this helped and remember to share.

With 1.79 billion Facebook users, you’re sure to find all types of people. Which type are you?

1.The stalker

You never post, like, or comment but you know everybody’s business, even your neighbour’s best friend’s cousin’s history.

2.The activist

Whether politics, vaccines, or religion, everybody has to know the latest and you have to be the one sharing it.

3.The food fanatic

Share recipes because that’s informative. But do people really need to know the details of your every meal? Maybe you should check out Wise Jug so that you can learn to balance your eating.

4.The selfie-queen o r king

You call it capturing memories, but does it have to be so many, many memories?

5.The “I” specialist

Your life is just awesome and you want everyone to know how fabulous you are.

6.The angry one

Is Facebook your place to vent? Then this could be you.

7.The doomsayer

No sunny side with this one! The world is a bad place and the doomsayer has the evidence to prove it.

8.The spiritual guru

This one wants to heal the world through uplifting posts and words of wisdom. Enlighten up already!

9.The comic

Every friends needs to have the joker who sees life in a completely unique way. If you’re not afraid to make a fool of yourself in the public eye, this is probably you.

10.The commenter

Usually an old uncle or aunt, the commenter has something to say about every post. Every post.

So do you see yourself in any of these types? No need to limit yourself to just one! And once you’ve figured it out, share!