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Thailand is considered as tourist hub of Southeast Asia. Most tourists come here for lush green jungles, breathtakingly beautiful beaches, tasty food, affordable shopping and extreme activities like cliff diving. Below are a few tips in which you can save money but still have awesome Thailand tour:

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1. Use local produce

One of the easiest ways of saving money on a Thailand tour is go use local things and food. Use public transport, eat at a local restaurant or go with street food and local drinks. If you stay in the country side of Thailand you can save a lot of money on hotels and enjoy natural beauty as well. 

2. Street food

Don’t be afraid to try street food. It is also considered safer to eat street food rather than eating in a restaurant. In this way you can enjoy authentic Thai dishes.

3. Purchase beer from local shops

Purchase drinks and beer from a local shop or 7 eleven near your hotel as it helps you save quite a bit money. Usually hotels or restaurants charge almost 30% more for beer and other drinks.

4. Book tour at last minute

You can save a lot of money by purchasing tickets at the last minute. You can easily get deals or discounts or avail Thailand hellfire pass for theme parks, jungle trekking, zip lining and other activities. Most of the hotels also offer deals for last minute bookings. 

These are a few ways in which you can easily save a lot of money still enjoy your tour.