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It should be no secret to anyone that the Arctic "Polar Bear" faces some of the most drastic climate changes that it has been through, since its existence. The ice pack where these animals live is melted by greenhouse gases, and is more commonly referred to as "Global Warming".

When our earth's climate warms up, these chunks of ice melt and break, making it harder for polar bears to find food. This causes the polar bear to swim far away, to hunt for the next meal.

Nature conservationists have actually seen polar bears sink because they cannot reach the nearest ice stream. There are some organizations who are working to protect the polar bears. If you also want to protect polar bears then you can join these organizations.

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Recent studies show that polar bear populations are declining at an alarming rate. Fewer children are placed each year, which means that the reproductive cycle is also affected. This animal is slowly starving to the brink of extinction.

To save the population, we must start thinking about reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We must find other ways to encourage our economy, which can reduce the effects of global warming all the time, and reduce our dependence on "fossil fuels".

Polar bears are not the only species in this habitat that is affected. Walruses, seals, arctic foxes, arctic rabbits, and many others were also affected. Oil exploration in the northern region must be stopped, stop the potential for human error, and thus preserve our environment. How far we will drive our environment without looking back to see the impact it has caused and the damage it causes.

In conclusion, Global Warming is a very serious problem in our fast-moving world today, let's "hope" that this is recognized globally and handled by our politicians and government because after all, they are people who can really make difference.

Studying numbers of these changes occurring around the world when compared with historic times are trivial. Many scientists around the globe are starting to produce responses to global warming according to hard data.

Scientists are also discovering polar bears are drowning because they're not able to swim the more distances brought on by soil and receding ice hockey. Not just the polar bears at risk due to the melting ice, but they're also in danger since the gas and oil businesses endanger their habitats. Greater energy intake generates more greenhouse gases thereby raising the global warming issue and ruining the environment due to the requirement to drill for oil in protected locations. To get some more detail about help save polar bears you can click here.

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There are a lot of ways individuals all over the globe can help relieve the effects of global warming. In your house, you can begin with changing your light bulbs to fluorescent light or energy efficient bulbs.

You may even be certain your house is well ventilated and protected from the weather. An energy auditor can conduct tests on your house and allow you to ascertain the efficacy of your property. Whenever you purchase a product attempt to purchase it with energy efficiency in mind. The Energy Star rating process is beneficial in determines how effective sure products are for your property.

Recycling is yet another fantastic way to help lessen the damaging impact of global warming. Maintain another trash receptacle to your aluminum cans, also you'll be able to earn money by turning them into a recycling center.