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Dedicated Hosting Servers

Dedicated hosting is blatantly just that. It is a hosting configuration that is set for a single organization or purpose such as a website. This is the exact opposite to shared hosting, in which a server is shared among many different purposes. A dedicated server can be set up in-house or externally given as a service from a data center. Lets talk about some of the benefits.

Up-time: We live in a world where instant gratification is a must and a consumer will quickly move on to a competitor if a site is experiencing down time. Dedicated hosting ensures that the demands of customers and other business functions are met 100% of the time.

Security: Clients using a dedicated platform will have the ability to customize their own security by including their own anti-virus and firewall configurations, that are tailored and made for their own functions.

Customization: Dedicated servers grants a high level of freedom and control that other hosting options cannot give you. Ontop of being able to control your own security measures virtually everything else can be tailored to exactly the needs of the client.

Congestion: Congestion is not nearly as much of a risk when it comes to dedicated servers versus something along the lines of shared hosting. When it comes down to it if you're on your own server there will always be less of a chance of getting bogged down than if you were to be on a server shared by you and 15 other people all with heavy traffic.

Support: some dedicated services offer certain levels of support. This is highly important because most customers that use dedicated servers are hosting critical and important computer functions or websites.

Canadian Web Hosting

Is Needed By Every Canadian Business.

Canadian web hostingWhen you are in business in Canada, you need to have an online website. It is best to have a Canadian web hosting company that knows how to offer you the best service available. Your online reputation depends on having a great web host. You need to do business with a web host who can handle the needs of your company website. This means that the website must be up and running around the clock. You never know when someone will want to view your website and do business with you. As a result, you need a Canadian web hosting account that can handle all of your needs. 

Once you get your website up and running online it will be easy to drive traffic to it. You should use your website address on all of your marketing materials and even in your social media marketing. Just telling people that you have a website can be enough to get them to go and check it out. People like to look at new websites and will do so simply because you ask them to. All you need to do is to say you have a website and post the link in your social media. People will start to view your website quickly this way. 

The next thing you want to do is to print the website address on all of your business cards and any other printed materials that you have. This will help people to get to know that you have a website and they will go there and see everything you have to offer. It's a simple process but, it all starts with a reliable web hosting company.

The Dreamhost dedicated hosting service is one that is well equipped to handle the complicated needs of companies and distinct consumer needs. This service provides a client with their own server which is set to their preferences.

Reasons why a dedicated hosting service is suitable for your needs:

Better Website management.

In this time and age of very high competition, customers are swayed by very trivial factors such as your website not being up to scratch. Having guaranteed uptime is crucial to any business, and the best uptime guarantees will usually come from a dedicating hosting solution.


Dreamhost dedicated server hosting services allow clients to fully express themselves or their businesses for instance they determine whichever system can best run on a clients web applications, provide choices of software among other customization tools.     


If your website or application is hosted exclusively on a dedicated server, you don’t run the risk of the server being congested by requests for other customer’s websites or applications.


A dedicated server ensures that it can only be used by one client thus eliminating the thorny issue of security where clients worry that malicious software or even viruses may be introduced to their servers as most dedicated servers have incorporated firewall to primarily facilitate security.

Adequate capacity.

Dreamhost dedicated hosting solutions provide the clientele with a package that guarantees that the entire server is available providing plenty of room for the client to grow their site. A client may decide to add various components or Field Replaceable Units (FRU’s) such as RAM’s, among others guided by the limitations of the entire server.

While a dedicating hosting service such as the one offered by Dreamhost may not come cheaply for companies, organizations, or even individuals who may be growing their enterprises, the benefits are worth the costs.