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The process of driving a stick shift can seem like an impossible task for beginners; however, after a few days of practicing you will be able to operate your manual car with more confidence than you ever thought. You will stall a few times in the beginning as expected, but this should not make you give up, as it is all a learning process. All you need to do is brush yourself off, and get well informed with the fundamentals, and in a few days, you will drive almost like a professional.

Beginners might be able to better learn how to drive a stick shift from a video, but we'll give you some written instruction on how to operate a manual transmission in this car. Shelby Monster posted a video for beginners learning how to drive stick on his YouTube channel, you can check it out after you read this article.

Here are some steps on how to drive a stick shift for beginners. Follow these steps and you'll never miss a gear or stall!

1. The first thing you should always ensure is that your emergency brake is on, and you are on flat land. It is to guarantee the car does not start moving before you are ready to drive.

2. The next essential step you will need to take is holding your left foot all the way down on the clutch peddles. It ensures that when you start the vehicle, it will not stall on you.

3. You need to always make sure the gearshift is on neutral; this is before starting the car. Neutral is the middle position of the gearshift, which you can move the shifting lever more freely around.

4. Now you are finally ready to turn safely on the vehicle, so far we can agree how to drive a stick shift is not as hard as it is put out to be.

5. Once the car is on, put the car in first gear, you will need to ensure through all this your left leg is still holding down the clutch pedal. The first gear is the leftmost lever on the top.

6. Put your foot on the brake and release the emergency brake. Your foot is on the brake to make sure the car only moves when you are ready.

7. Check all the mirrors the front, back side of the car, and ensure it is all clear to start driving.

8. Slowly release your left foot on the clutch peddles at the same time accelerating with your right foot. It will get you moving, so make certain you do this step slowly.

9. In the event, the car stalls not to worry, just brake and put the shift lever back to neutral and begin from step five.

Again, if you're a better visual learner check out the Shelby Monster video that teaches how to drive a stick shift car.