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If you have your wedding coming up, you can choose a Photographer or an Artist. How do you know the difference between the two? 

Art has many different meanings. Art is the process of arranging elements in a way to affect the senses or emotions. An artist also may be defined as a person who expresses himself through a medium. The difference between a Wedding Photographer versus a Wedding Artist is how they express themselves during the wedding day. The determining factor is not with the Photographer but the client that hires the Photographer (the bride and groom). There are also different levels of Artists, there are Photographers that shoot much more than an Artist. You should browse portfolio pages of the photographers before hiring them.

How should you decide whether you want a Wedding Artist or a Wedding Photographer? Just as every person has different taste so you have to decide yourself for your wedding day. And there is no right or wrong answer so choose the one you like the best. 

Wedding Photographers will express themselves throughout the course of the most important day of your life and will create photographs that leave you breathless. They are available in every city in the world. Wedding Photographers are truly Artists. But they will demand more money for their Art.