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Courtesy-Shameless Fripperies

Yes, it is true we women wish to accentuate our beauty and stand out in the crowd by using makeup. There is definitely no crime in wanting this; however it is definitely a crime against your skin in the long run!

Not using correct products and investing in cheap makeup online may cause skin irritation, rashes and will result premature skin ageing eventually. Hence why not use mineral makeup!

Revolutionising makeup for anyone and everyone

Around 1970 is when the concept of mineral makeup had its rebirth. In ancient times women relied on naturally occurring minerals to apply on themselves for coverage, decoration and beauty. These minerals had many benefits and are packed with goodness for the skin.

Many cosmetic brands are known for their fragrance and long lasting wear however that is because of the wax, artificial fragrances and added fillers which in the long run clog pores, cause breakouts resulting in the dullness of skin. They also have limited shelf life due to the added ingredients which may cause an early expiry such as change in colour, consistency and smell.

Invest on products which has a good make

The growing awareness and consciousness amongst people to what they are applying on their faces has result in the further popularity of mineral makeup. Minerals that are commonly found in mineral makeup include zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, mica, iron oxide and so on.

Not only are they known for great coverage and wear but also are feel light and breathable on the skin and have no side effects thus wearable for all!

The vegetarian life has reached out past nourishment and beverage to turning into an aggregate way of life. There are numerous individual and family items that reinforce organic living, much the same as healthy skin supplies. Fortunately, there are presently numerous brands that contain organic foundations and cosmetics for each skin tone. Discovering organic foundations that hasn’t been tried on living beings and doesn't contain any animal elements or subsidiaries has been made easier to access.

Selecting The Right Kind Of Foundation

  • There are a lot of cruelty free and without additional oils makeup products like foundations accessible for organic cosmetics users. These are produced using vegan products and relieve different sorts of skin, as well as sensitive ones. The base of the organic bare mineral foundation is for the most part light and contains components like vitamins, shea spread, cancer preventive agents and other elements to keep the skin brilliant and new.
  • It guarantees to accomplish an impeccable appearance with immaculate results that looks and feels as common as a second skin.
  • Regular foundations may contain elements extracted from animal elements; it's hard to tell whether they are vegan just by perusing the component list in light of the fact that most makers don't uncover the components on every product.

Applying Method

Using a brush to apply powder foundation is yet the best way to go about it out there. Applying your foundation with a brush truly helps it look as though your skin is without makeup and gives you a truly natural look.


Eyeliner is considered to be the final touch of makeup. Many women use it as one of their makeup essentials. Eyeliners are the best choice when it comes to wanting to look trendy and beautiful. There is no one way to apply eyeliner. In fact, there are a hundred ways to apply eyeliner to provide a great look to the eyes. Not only filling the eyes is important. It is necessary to know a few mistakes that most of the women make while applying eyeliner.


You definitely do not want anything to affect your eyeliner. To protect it against factors like humidity, rain etcetera, use a primer. It acts as a base and provides a sound surface for application. Apply it before applying mineral foundation.


Entirely Black

Another major mistake that women make often is lining the entire eye in black. Lining the entire eye just hides the beauty of your eyes and makes you look a little off-track.

Freehand winged liner

A freehand winged liner is likely to turn into a disaster. To be on the safer side, use a clear tape. This decreases the chances of messing up the liner.


Leaving a gap between the liner and the lash line is one of the major blunders most women make. Make sure that you apply the liner so that there is no space left between the two.


Avoid applying black liner to both the top and bottom of the eye. Try white or brown liner on the bottom with black liner on the top.

Keeping in mind a few of these things can definitely help in attaining a better look and finish.