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There are quite a few different types of board shorts nowadays. The type of shorts depends on various factors like a beginner surfer to professional or just simple beachwear. Here are some of the types of board shorts.

1. 4-way stretch – A beginner or a professional surfer requires a pair of good board shorts. The fabrics used to make these shorts need to last longer, because of constant contact between the shorts and the surfboard. Those who surf on a regular basis should try to get 4-way shorts. This board shorthelps the individual to perform well during surf boarding.

2. Regular swim shorts –It’s not necessary that a regular swimmer needs a good pair of board shorts. However, it’s more about enjoying the beach or by the pool. The swim board shorts are for those who prefer to enjoy with friends and families. Volley board shortsare preferred for this as it has an elastic waist, which makes it comfortable and easy to use.

3. Hybrid shorts – After a long swim, one needs to relax. And for this, hybrid shorts are the best. These shorts are made up of fabrics which dry up very quickly. They also have some style, which give it a modern look.

4. Boardies shorts –This type of board shorts is worn by lifeguards. They are specially made in red with designs and patterns, making it easy to get noticed. It also has pockets and has lifeguard logo on it.