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With time and increasing awareness, the demand of organically grown food is increasing. Most of the time supermarkets either run out of organic stock or they charge extra for organic products. Below are few other reasons for purchasing organic products from local market or a farmer’s market:

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  1. The main reason of purchasing organic food from farmers market or local store is that it is fresher. At farmers markets they keep food fresh for a few days and sell their products while they are still new. In this way you can eat fresh and nutritious organic produce.
  2. Another reason is that in this way you can support your local farmers. Most of the time organic produce available at supermarket is not from local farms at times they buy organic food from cities and countries. It also costs more than local farm produce.
  3. In this way you can eat fresh seasonal produce which is rich in nutrition. Most of the farmers ensure that their produce does not contain genetically modified organisms and harmful chemicals.
  4. Another major reason of buying from local market is that their produce is relatively cheaper than super markets especially when it comes to organic products. In this way you can eat organic food at lower prices.
  5. Some of the local market also provide with organic delivery Brisbane. In this way you will not have to go to the market to get your vegetable and fruits when you can get them at your door step.

These are some of the reasons of purchasing organic produce from local market.

In order for food to be labelled as organic at least 95% of its ingredients need to be sourced from organic plants and animals. While most countries have different laws as to what is supposed to be called organic, the presence of certain elements might deprive a relatively organic product from its benefits. . Animal meat and poultry which is being touted as organic should be free from growth hormones and other harmful substances that are pumped into the animals to make them fatter so they produce more meat when slaughtered. You can get organic food Brisbane from RBs Organic.


Here are a few reasons that you might consider to start buying organic;

  • Organically grown foods have about an average of 17% more antioxidants than crops which have been grown using conventional methods. This is exceptionally good for the health of your body. Its ability to fight diseases and withhold overall strength drastically increases. You might also observe that your hair and skin have gotten better.
  • Some organically grown crops such as fruits, grains and vegetables can have even 60% or higher levels of antioxidants present in them when they were compared with regular foods.
  • The level of ‘flavanones’ in organic food is 69% or higher, these chemicals reduce the risk of strokes.
  • The level of pesticides in organic food was found to be about a 10 to 100 times less than in regular crops.

Buying organic is thus definitely the smartest thing to do. If you manage to lower the percentage of chemicals in your body you will definitely be able to live a much healthier lifestyle.