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Th Mx Mnn Rtastak hamter age h but two tmes much space as th tarter models and also h an ttic bed rm. A water bttl and exercise whl ar included. There are two pod units tht ar made mostly from wir mesh, which has a triangular form and basically is composed of just one major room. A deluxe product named th Mision Pd has an advanced array of tubes above th age providing lots f explrtin room. Ther r two water bottles nd vortx whl. This design n house u t a few dwarf hamster.

Several of the scaled-down age designs can be connected wth tub t provide n array f units that you can build to your liking. Th Pnk Palac is one f thse. It pink coloration would make it suited for females. Ther ar four distinct cmprtmentalized areas with n array f wndng tubes onnetng them.

The Crep Cstle a Rotastk hmster age wth four tt bdrm and exercising whel. Th colours ar blak nd white. Threis a glow n th darkish materials, which lets yu to se yur pets n th dark, nd provides th ag its name. It i appropriate fr up t four Dwarf hamstrs.

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