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Everybody has probably once had a dream of being able to have a nice set of six pack of abs. The thing is that while a lot of folks have tried to attain that six pack through rigorous training and dieting, they always failed and ended up giving up on the battle. However, now there is a new tried and true technique for achieving those abs called Science Based Six Pack by Thomas Delauer.

Science Based Six Pack uses and depends on something that has actually been around for a very long time. It is called intermittent fasting. Fasting is simply eating very small amounts of food. People have been fasting for centuries. This could be a turn off to some people because they have always been told that you need to eat heavy amounts of food to build muscle and increase the energy levels for exercise in order to burn fat. Science Based Six Pack by Thomas Delauer puts an end to that myth and he has the proof on his website.

When a body is in a fasting state, insulin levels are low. When insulin levels are high, it is very hard for the body to be able to burn fat. The Science Based Six Pack program is broken down into 9 full body workouts which require no weight equipment. It implements a time under tension technique which in turn allows for glycogen depletion which in turn speeds up fat loss.

Science Based Six Pack allows for a person to be able to eat the foods that they want and like, but at the same time be able to shed fat. It has the Base Track plan for those who are not experienced at dieting and exercising and then there is the Fast Track plan in which Thomas Delauer uses himself and is for the more fashioned dieter and exerciser. 

This program is certainly one to look at if you are a person who is looking for an alternative and proven way to a washboard stomach. Science Based Six Pack can certainly get a person on the way to those revered six pack abs.

The Science Based Six Pack program can best be describes as a combination of exercise and diet that can help one achieve an athletic and fit appearance. This “fit” look is essentially the perfectly shaped and contoured chest, abdomen, as well as shoulders and arms.

It is possible to achieve this desirable athletic look through a regular exercise program as well as a special diet. The diet must consist of fruits, vegetables, essentially no carbohydrates and few sugars. Therefore, something such as soda would be prohibited while on a special fitness program. 

The person must set time aside each day for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour of abdominal strengthening exercises. In addition, each meal must be carefully planned each day to make sure you are eliminating most carbohydrates and sugars. 

If you are really serious and stick with this regimen, you can more than likely achieve your fitness goal with 2-12 months. It is also important to make sure that you do not over do it. Too much exercise could result in muscle strain or sprain which can ultimately interfere with your long term goals. 

The Science Based Six Pack program enables a person to drop weight and at the same time improve your overall physique. This program is meant for all body types as well as all age groups. If followed correctly, you should see some amazing results over time. Remember nothing is instant. It will take time to develop a health exercise regimen as well as a new way of eating. 

Scientific research proves that this method does in fact work. However, time frames may differ according to age, weight, and amount of body fat present. In addition, the Science Based Six Pack method is essentially a two part system. 

The two part system includes:

Shredding fat rapidly through an intensive workout routine. During this period, users will take a 30 day supply of three different nutritional supplements. If supplements are taken as directed, you should notice that your figure is slimming down especially around the abdomen. 

There is a fasting process that one must go through. Fasting is not pleasant for most people. However, fasting will cleanse the body, help you slim down, and it helps the person become more disciplined about dieting. Fasting is safe if done appropriately. 

As long as the two part system is followed, you will without a doubt be happy with the end result. Most people agree that the most important part of the Science Based Six Pack is maintaining your new athletic and fit body once you reach your fitness goals.