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4 Critical Wedding Venue Decoration Mistakes to Avoid

You want to decorate the wedding reception venue in the best possible manner but to accomplish this task it will be important to avoid making certain mistakes which can have a detrimental effect on how well the venue is decorated. Our aim here will be to look into those mistakes so that you can avoid making them.

Critical Wedding Venue Decoration Mistakes to Avoid 

Mistake #1: Not Using Colored Linen

wedding reception venuesIf used intuitively, colors can be quite useful in enhancing look and feel of wedding reception venues. Linens play an important role in terms of improving the appeal of chairs and tables at the reception venue as well as are a cost-effective solution in comparison to other options. Thus, you need to pay special attention to adding colors to linens used for chairs and tables. As for instance, it is likely that the venue would provide normal white tablecloths, but you can make interesting additions to it such as, adding a colored runner or overlay as well as make use of colored napkins. Moreover, the appeal of the venue can be further improved by using inexpensive chair sashes. 

Mistake #2: Overdoing Wedding Theme

In case you have selected a particular theme for the wedding reception then you need not purchase everything that is associated with that theme. This can easily distort the ambiance you are able to achieve at the venue and will also increase your expenditure on things you do not actually need. What you require to create a strong theme is proper selection of elements and using them in the right manner at the venue.

Mistake #3: Not Utilizing Scale

The scale is important when it comes to decorating wedding reception venues. For decoration to look attractive it will be necessary for you to take into consideration dimension of the venue. As for example, if large decoration elements are utilized in a small reception space then those will certainly look awkward. Similarly, if small decoration items are used at a large reception venue then the venue will look quite deserted. Similarly, you need to take into account height of the ceiling. In case, the ceiling is very low then guests will certainly not feel comfortable in case holiday lights are hung from the ceiling. Thus, you should aim to add everything that is in proportion to other decoration elements at the venue.

Mistake #4: Clash of Colors

Suppose the venue you have selected has a French country ambiance while you are planning to use a Halloween theme for the wedding reception. As it can be guessed, both are going to clash in terms of use of colors. You can avoid facing this problem by examining the colors already in use at the venue and decide whether the color theme you have in mind will work well at that venue and complement the colors venue uses.

A Final Note

As we can see small yet critical factors need to be taken into consideration for the decoration of wedding reception venues. By avoiding above mentioned mistakes you will be able to decorate the venue just the way you had imagined and draw admiration from guests attending the wedding reception.