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Apartment hunting is similar to home hunting. Too many preconceived ideas may keep you from viewing the gem of apartment-leasing chances. Find out more at https://420kent.com/amenities.

Manager/Landlord Proximity

Ask if the landlord or an apartment manager lives on or near the property. When there is no local representative who will make decisions on behalf of their landlord, it could be a red flag that getting repairs completed or perhaps easily communicating with the landlord might be challenging.

Square Footage Is Not Everything

Do not be fooled by the number of square feet stated in the rental listing. At times the actual test of adequate distance is in how efficiently laid out these square feet are.

Get it in Writing

In case you've found your dream flat, do not rush to sign the lease until you've described as much as you can - and acquired it into writing. Think about these important items:

• Verify the pet policies to be aware of the types of pets (if any) permitted, in addition to any deposit or extra monthly cost for maintaining a pet.

• Does the landlord offer an automated lease renewal clause? If no such statement is included in the present lease agreement, ask if it can be included before signing.

• What are the out clause stipulations? For some as-yet-unforeseen reason, you may need to complete your lease early. Or you may be likely to move out at the end of the lease term. Know the consequences of both scenarios before signing your lease.