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With the ease of smartphones, most of your website viewers are using their devices to access your website. It is very important to ensure that they have the optimal experience and can easily navigate through your site. A responsive web design which scales your website’s size to your device’s screen can help you with this.

Below are a few guidelines for beginners to follow:

  1. Use flexible or hybrid layouts

These flexible grids on your website can easily be stretched over your laptop screen or squeezed to the size of your mobile. You can use percentage values to create and resize them according to your viewers’ screen size.



  1. Media queries

It is a CSS technology that can help you detect the size width your viewers use and rearrange it according to their specifications. However, as a beginner, the first tip would be to use the mobile first approach. Designing for smaller mobile screens first will allow your designer to focus more.

  1. Make images responsive

The most popular approach is to use the maximum width at 100% for images. Plus, another way to make your website responsive and allow fast image downloading is to resize them or shrink their resolution. You can also only show portions of these images or make sliding ones to add to your web design. Sydney has several web design agencies that can also guide you in this process.

Now use these guidelines and shift to this new web design trend as soon as possible.

Selecting a web designer is a kind of investment you make in order to promote and advertise your brand, product and services. So when selecting a candidate for web design make sure you hire the right one, as hiring a wrong web designer will not only cost you money, it will be wastage of time and your brand’s reputation may get compromised. Here are some of the characteristics that a Sydney web designer should have:


1. Great Listeners 

One of the key qualities a web designer should have is he/ she should be good at listening to what their client has to say. It also means understanding the requirement of the client. He/she should be able to understand the client’s need even if he/she is not clear about them. Repeat their ideas in accurate terminology to verify if that is exactly the client needs.

2. Respect client’s ideas 

Web designers should respect the ideas and notions of a client. One of the qualities that successful designers have common is that they encourage their clients to share their ideas and plans so that both are on same page. A client should never feel he/she is looked down on or mistreated.

3. Expertise in Internet and web technologies 

Ensure that the candidate is proficient in web designing and other web technologies. To test his expertise you can always as the candidate show you his previous works and records. In this way you can al assess that if the candidate has proficiency in the area you want to work in? Most of the successful candidates have experience in wide areas of web designing.

These are some of the qualities that successful web designers usually have.